My Mac no longer had Apache or PHP working after the upgrade to Mac OSX 10.9, Mavericks. This is caused by the system upgrade removing the main configuration files for each service and creating backups instead.

Here are the steps I used to fix it, open a terminal window and use the following commands:

Fix Apache

cd /etc/apache2/
sudo mv httpd.conf httpd.conf.backup
sudo mv httpd.conf.pre-update httpd.conf
sudo apachectl restart

Once complete, Apache should be back up and running as before. Next, PHP can be repaired like so:


cd /private/etc/
sudo mv php.ini-5.2-previous php.ini
sudo apachectl restart

That's it! These steps simply move the configuration files back to their correct location and restart the web server.


  • I am assuming you use the original Apache/PHP install that comes with OSX, instead of a custom solution like MAMP.
  • Your PHP ini file may have a different name if you are not using version 5.2